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Stoeterij Boszorg B.V.

Stoeterij Boszorg B.V. differentiates itself by breeding only First class, modern Friesian Horses that have a very good reputation in The Netherlands and abroad.

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About us

Stoeterij Boszorg B.V., which is owned and founded by the family Bos, has a long history!

Already 100 years ago our grandparents runned a breeding & stud farm with (draught) horses.
Our parents continued this business (nex to a hotel-restaurant) with Shetland pony's, Arab horses and Trotters. Around 40 years ago we started with the beautifull Friesian Horses. Currently our greatest passion!

All foals born in our farm cary the name "BOSZORG"

By many years of experience and knowledge transferred from generation to generation, we are proud to say that we managed our way to the top.

Our mission:

"Changing the classical Friesian workhorse in a modern, healthy and harsh sport horse."

We are aware of the fact that this is not possible during one single life time.
Only a strong selection in the entire population will result in increasing the quality.
The many successes that we celebrate will guide us the way!

Our Details

Stoeterij Boszorg B.V.
Peelkant 29
5845 EE Sint Anthonis
The Netherlands

Mr. Jos and Ms. Mia Bos

M. +31(0)6-53418865 - Jos
M. +31(0)6-23911183 - Mia




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